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Al Joy Tire was a part-time family business founded in 1961 by Alfred sr. Originally, Al Joy Tire was exclusively a tire shop however, in 1969, we got into the snowmobile business, selling and servicing Arctic Cat snowmobiles for our customers all across Connecticut. In 1970 we opened up as a full time business and just 5 years later we became an official Arctic Cat dealer. Today, our business is owned by Tom and Al Gioia who both work there full-time alongside Mike.

At Al Joy Tire, we take pride in offering the best services and products from the best distributors, including Automatic and Western Powersports.

In addition to Arctic Cat sales and service, we sell all of the most popular car tire brands including B.F. Goodrich, Cooper, and Michelin. We also mount and dismount as well as spin balance tires in house.

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